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 Character template

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PostSubject: Character template   Mon Feb 21, 2011 5:00 am

Member Information

Member Username:

Character Basic Information
"Who are you?"

Character Name:
Character Epithet:
Character Alignment: (Lawful Good, Chaotic Neutral, True Evil, etc.)
Character Race: (must be at least 51% human if the character is a cyborg. robots must be 100% robot.)
Commonly Associated Numbers:
Commonly Associated Color:
Associated Animal:
Smells Like:
Favourite Type of Island:
Favourite Foods:

Character Job: (what does your character do for a living? list your ranking here if a Marine. also remove the section below listing Jolly Rogers and Bounties if you are not a pirate/criminal.)

Character Development Information
"Personal Quote"

***Note that these Attributes don't change at all***

[list]Physical Tendencies: (Must equal 12)(Ratings from 0-6)
Strength: (General physical adeptness in combat i.e instincts)
Agility: (how fast your character can move, speed)
Dexterity: (General skill with instrument, weapons, or any other tools that character uses)

Mental Tendencies: (Must equal 12)(0-6)
Tenacity: (General determination that a character has)
Observance: (How attentive character is and how intelligent he is)
Charisma: (How motivating a character is) [list]

Character Class: (All OC characters start at “F” class, 0/100)

***Please be mindful that this develop system is not a stat system rather a simplified guide to differentiate the levels of experience any character has been given.

Character Story

Island of Birth:
Which Blue:


    (Must be at least 50 words.)


    (Must at least be 50 words, even if there is a picture.)

Combat Information

Fighting Style

    (type here)

Normal Weapons

    (type here)

Advanced Weapons

    (type here)

Non-Weapon Items

    (type here)

Normal Abilities

Advanced Abilities

    (type here. Advanced abilities are only available to those that are "D" class and above.)

    (Type abilities here after reading Normal abilities)

Background (History)

Character Relationships:
    (Type here)

Character's Crew Nakama:
    (Type here)

Character Goal:

Character History:
    (Must at least be 200 words and must explain everything from the character’s birth until the point that the character is at currently being created.)

Sample Post

    (Must be at least 200 words. This is so that the staff can see what you are capable of as far as writing goes. This is only for your first character.)

Credits to Grandliners.proboards.com For some Template.
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Character template
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